The company

New Sparkles Cleaning is a professional house cleaning service located in Brevard County FL.

We provide top-notch residential cleaning within the Brevard area to houses and apartments of all sizes. We carry years of experience through every door and fully understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy home. Cleaning is not just for esthetics and organization but to help create a healthier environment for you to live and breathe free of filthy germs and bacteria.

More Than Just A Cleaning Service
We have been fortunate enough to understand that our job here in Brevard goes further than just wiping away the dirt and grime that builds up on a regular basis, but to actually allow you, our client, the freedom of living your lives a little easier and providing you a little more or your priceless time to spend with family.

Contact us today for your free estimate and find out how we can custom tailor a cleaning plan to fit your individual needs.